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The basic project requirement was for the conversion and extension of the former Ovaltine Egg Farm in order to create 2,665 m2 of office accommodation for the RES headquarters. This was to be carried out using, so far as economically practical, a range of renewable energy measures and employing "best practice" sustainable strategies. RES was assisted in this objective by a contribution of £699,970 from the EC Framework 5 Programme. This funding was conditional on the adoption of a radically innovative approach to resolving sustainable issues and the involvement of a pan-European design and development team. On the basis of this innovative content, RES requested that the new building should also provide facilities for visitors and parties who might wish to see and learn about the building and its energy systems.

Accordingly, the design principles upon which the development is based were to:

  • Provide a fully operational head office which meets the commercial needs and conditions of the property market
  • Provide exhibition, conference and facilities for the use of RES and visitors to the building
  • Deliver a building that minimises energy consumption and the use of scarce resources and that contributes positively to local economic and community needs
  • Deliver a building whose energy consumption is provided entirely from on-site renewable energy sources
  • Integrate seamlessly the social, technical and aesthetic aspects of project.
upstairsoffice2.jpg squaretrees2.jpg
Upstairs Offices Boxed Hornbeam Trees
grassroof.jpg view.jpg
Grass Roof View from East Tower